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Self- Care Essential Oil Set

Self- Care Essential Oil Set

Oily Blends
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 I’ve selected my favorite all-natural, essential oil blends! These make a perfect gift or item to keep on hand in your purse. These blends are 100% pure essential oil blended with grape-seed oil for an easy-to-use option for the entire family. Each glass bottle measures 2.25" tall and 0.685" in diameter. 

This set includes:

Breathe (peppermint, eucalyptus & lemon) this blend of essential oils helps support a healthy respiratory system. A lifesaver, when fighting the seasonal funk, just roll it on your chest and feet for natural relief

Relax (lavender, cedarwood & lime) A calming scent, otherwise known as “a vacation in a bottle”. This blend of fragrances soothes the body, mind and nerves, and helps tension melt away

Sleep (lavender & cedarwood) a scent formulated to aid a peaceful night's sleep.


Oily Blends products are made by hand, and in small batches. Their team in Florida may be small, but it's jam packed with uber talented and passionate people. Only high quality oils and ingredients are used, to ensure a superior finished product.